Sindhiudurg District, located in Maharashtra in India. The Arabian sea on the east side makes the climate moist and humid throughout the year. It is surrounded by Belgaum and Goa on the South and the Ratnagiri district,the lend of word best Alphonso mango, on the North.

The Fort, The Attraction of Sindhudurg
You can see a floating fort in the Arabian Sea near the coast of Maharashtra in Western India, the shore of Malvan of Sindhudurg. The great Shivaji, himself chose the construction place and it constricted to counter foreign enemies.

Sindhudurg Architecture
The fort is constructed on a rocky island. Its casting is made by more than 4000 pounds lead and big size foundation of stones was laid down.

Tunnel: The escape tunnel is still present in the fort. The total length of the tunnel is 27 km among 3 km is under the island, 12 km underwater of the sea and 12 km near a village. Some part of the tunnel was blocked by Britishers.

Lake and Well: The well inside the sea is itself surprising and the well with sweet water inside sea is amazing. There are 3 wells beautifully designed that have always sweet water. A lake is also found in the fort.

Idol of Shivaji: The Idol of Chatrapti Shivaji without beard and moustache is inside the temple. This type of idol cannot be seen anywhere.

Coconut Tree: Coconut Tree do not have branches but here you can see a unique coconut tree having a branch.