The mangoes you receive require being cared for. In order to withstand transportation time, multiple courier handling points and heat, we make sure that we pack raw (kachhi) mangoes so that they reach the destination in the right condition, which means mangoes may still be raw and greenish when received, hence we highly recommend that you take the following precautions:

a. As soon as you receive the box, take out the all the mangoes and put them in open air for 30 mins and then repack them in order of their color, green ones at bottom and yellowish at top. Repeat this process daily. This will prevent the mangoes from turning black.
b. Do not cut the mangoes as soon as you receive them. Let them ripen, turn little yellowish and softer with a sweet smell. If you cut them before time, they will taste sour.
c. Do not refrigerate the mangoes. Keep them packed in hay at room temperature.
d. Once they are ripened, and ready to eat, you can put them in the fridge to increase the shelf life or for two hours before cutting them
e. * Mangoes lose weight as and when they ripen