Milestone of Classic Mangoes

Classic Enterprise is founded by Rajkot based businessman and entrepreneur Rahul Shah.

As regular consumers of mangoes, they had always found the supplies available in the local markets to be either artificially ripened, or exorbitantly priced, or both. This gave rise to an earnest desire in them to help people by providing at their doorstep, good quality and chemical free mangoes at reasonable rates, which they can relish right from the comfort of their homes. It was out of this desire that they started doorstep delivery of high quality mangoes back in the year 2013. They started offering direct-from-farm, raw-only mangoes packed with hay to consumers so that they ripen right in front of the consumers' eyes. As the poet said, mighty things from small beginnings grow, and the rest is history.

Starting from a modest volume of about 550 mango boxes in 2013, their sales volume rose to a staggering 4500 boxes in the year 2016, solely on the strength of word of mouth and word of mouse. Little did they know when starting in 2013 that within a short span of three years, their mangoes will find their way to far and wide destinations such as Germany and UK in 2016. Their sales volume rose to a staggering 9500 boxes in the year 2017. This season, in the year 2018, they are all set to record volumes of 15000 boxes or even higher.

Other Business Interests

Since 1999 Rahul have been dealing in various other products under the business name of Classic Marketing. Classic Marketing is an authorized stockist for various reputed companies like Nilkamal Limited, Mumbai (material handling plastic crates, bins and other MHE equipment), Arihant Industrial Corporation Limited, Vasai, Mumbai (outdoor playground and gym equipment and water-park equipment), Alkon Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai (shelving systems and stationary products), Monarch Paxar, USA (labeling and bar coding systems) and YES, Taiwan (polypropylene files, folders and stationary items).



Geographical Indication is the specification of that particular product. For that, the name of that region does not need to be mentioned in the directive for example- Basmati, Hapus,Hapoos, Alphonso.

Classic Enterprise , Owner of Brand ClassicMangoes – Devgad Ratnagiri Hapoos Alphonso Mangoes is Now Geographical Indication Registered Certified Firm With G.I Tag Certificate No :

AU/5908/GI/139/245 – Trading Sales And Exports
AU/5911/GI/139/248 – Alphonso Hapoos Processor