VijayDurg Fort

Sindhudurg district is a fortune to have Devgad taluka with an ancient fort Vijaydurg, near
the mouth of the Vaghotan River, It is located just 108 km to Devagad via MH SH4 Coastal Highway from Ratnagiri, The land of Hapoos Alphonso [Hapus as also Called} mango which is richest in test and flavour. Hapoos Alphonso Mangoes {Hapus} and Payri Mangoes are the Main Agri Cultivation of Devgad , Vijaydurg, Vaghotan and Saundale.
History Of Fort
The Fort was Built by Raja bhoj in 1206 ad and Sorrounded by Arabian Sea from Four Sides.The Original Name of the fort was ‘’Gheria’’ And later taken Shivaji take over in 1653 year by capturing it from Adil Shah of Bijapur and Extended the fort and presently its sorounded by three sides by Arabian Sea. King Shivaji made this Fort even stronger with Emergency Ways and Wells with Sweet Water. King Shivaji hoisted saffron flag personally and renamed “ Vijay Durg”.

Shivaji Maharaj Developed Vijaydurg as an important Naval Base for Maratha Warships. The Wall of Fort height is 36 meters with 20 bastions constructed by King Shivaji Maharaj, and later on controlled by Peshwa’s and British Army .Maratha army commander kanhoji Angre alias Conajee Angria later took over as Chief of Maratha Army before peshwa’s and british army took over the reigns of Vijaydurg fort. And later on controlled by Peshwa’s and British Army
Laterites stone (huge black rocks) are used to build the fort. Fort is spread aross 17 acres and to view this Historical Fort , it takes three hours to see all area of the fort. The height of the walls is about 8 to 10 meter.
Cave : Structure like caves is found inside Vijaydurg fort. It is covered by sea 3 side and one
can see a mind-blowing view of the Arabian sea.
Tunnel : There is an underwater subway from fort to Dhudap Wada village. It is 200 m long tunnel for escape during an emergency. It is manmade tunnel. Some part of the tunnel is blocked but if it will be cleared by using the latest technology it will be proved great attraction and will help to the architectural student for Architecture Research.

Lake: The area is at the cost of Arabian sea, but it has a big water lake with sweet water. This lake is the main source of water for people staying there.

Paintings : The Maratha style painting can see at the palatial house of dhudap. Beautiful wall painting is painted in natural colours.

Anciet Home with almost 450 years old We can call it a Heritage Home of SardarAnandrao Dhulap is located near Vijaydurg Fort , who was an Valliant Major of Maratha Army , One Must visit Dhulap Vada for Heritage property of dhulaps for ancient Palakhi of Maa Ambadevi and ancient swords and 7 wells of sweet waters surrounded near dhulap vada.

Vijaydurg Fort Military who once defeated the British Army with use of ‘’dhud’’ – [sand] when his army got short of bombs and shots.. They fired the Dhud- sand in the eyes of British Army to get them ousted from Vijaydurg forg.

October to February is the best time to visit this fort, this time offer you pleasant weather.

Vijaydurg Fort